Thebomb posted May 16, 17


We NEED you!!

We are also looking for a couple of Enchanters,  Shamans and a few other classes.  We always have room for exceptional player in any class.

We are the #1 three day a week raiding Guild in Everquest!

What do we mean by that?  Well, we only raid 3 days a week, we do not raid lockout timers.  We respect your schedule and we won't ask you to be here other than our regular schedule. We may stay a little late at times to get that last attempt to grab the WIN but NO extra raid nights are added EVER!  We take holidays off so that we can all spend that time with our families.  During FARM mode we only raid 2 days a week.

If you are interested in being in a FUN Guild that gets the JOB done, we are the place to be! 

For futher information please contact Bristle.Thebomb, Bristle.Robnie, Bristle.Glooping or Bristle.Cilenne.

Summer is starting soon!

Robnie posted Apr 3, 17

With spring here already and summertime approaching soon Reckless Ascension is already in full farm mode! 

We're currently clearing all of EOK, TBM T3 + working on eye achievments for new people as well as farming 17th twice weekly. 

We are recruiting currently with a priority need for Clerics and Chanters however we have a few spots for wiggle room as well.

Mostly seeking dps howver if you're interested in joining please contact Bristle.Robnie, Bristle.Thebomb, Bristle.Glooping, Bristle.Cilenne, or Bristle.Lichulil if you have any questions. 

Come apply to the #1 3 day a week raid guild in Everquest and have fun raiding while enjoying your nights off! 

EoK Finished!!!

Glooping posted Feb 27, 17

Congratulations Reckless Ascension on beating EoK!! While the race is done to complete all the new raids, we are starting to gear up our members and switch into full farm mode. There was a lot of high-fives and happiness on beating these raids for the first time along with frustration during the failed attempts. With all of our first kills under our belt, we can finally start settling into farm in preparation for the next expansion launch!

Now is the time for us to make new friends, have great fun and get raid loot! We are still looking for new applicants. Right at the start of farm season is a great time to join! Check out our needed classes. Exceptional players are always considered regardless of class. If you are interested click on the Recruitment tab at the top of the page and read our Application Requirements section.

Come join in on the fun!
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New Year, new wins!

Robnie posted Jan 7, 17